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Whether its your first time creating a clothing line, or you're a fashion veteran planning out your next season, Indie Source will work with you to turn your design ideas into beautifully constructed, production-ready samples. All made right here in the USA!
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*A style refers to the unique design that you will be making. For example one pair of leggings, a blouse, maxi dress, and a sweatshirt would be considered 4 styles. If you decide to make your sweatshirt in two fabrics and 3 different colors, these are called duplicates but considered to be the same style.

Determining the fit and construction of your samples *

In order to make you the perfect set of samples, we need to make sure they fit properly. We can use a sample reference of your own and modify to your liking or we can use industry standard measurements if you're not sure exactly what you want. If you've already got your specific measurements, upload them and we will follow to a T!

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